Liverpool High School

Liverpool High School Annex

GPA/Rank in Class

Grade point average and rank in class are computed for the first time in Junior year (4 semester, Unofficial transcript) and again in Senior year (six semester Official transcript).  A final transcript (demonstrating completion of all graduation requirements) is sent to the college that the student will actually attend. All courses for which a numerical average is recorded are used in the calculation.

The Liverpool High School transcript will indicate both the weighted and unweighted GPA for a student. Rank in class, however, is weighted. When calculating rank, the weighting formula adds 5% to the final average in Honors (H) courses, and 10% in Advanced Placement (AP), Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA), and State University of New York (SUNY) courses.

Grading Policy

A traditional numerical scale (0-100) is used; the minimum passing grade is 65%. Final Averages are computed as follows:

  • Full-year courses: 20% for each of the four quarters and 20% for the final exam. For some courses, a NYS Regents examination is the final exam.
  • Semester courses: 40% for each of the two quarters and 20% for the final exam.