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Senior Daze

The After-Ball Party Committee ( Senior Daze Event)

The purpose of the LHS Senior Daze Committee is to plan and hold an After-the-Senior-Ball Party, to keep our kids safe, and to give them somewhere to go after the prom to celebrate.

We accomplish this by asking for help from LHS staff, students and parents. We also send out letters to Liverpool businesses to ask for donations and various other types of fund-raisers.

The After-the-Senior-Ball Party starts at 10 p.m. and goes to about 3 a.m. The kids can eat, dance, play games, socialize, and win prizes. There also are raffles that they can win, and the prizes are quite substantial, (laptops, TV’s, games systems, mini-fridges, I-pods, I-Pad, etc…). We also give away gift cards (they range from restaurants to gas, bowling and even free tickets to the state fair).

We have been holding the party at the Northside Baptist Church across the parking lot from K-Mart (Seneca Mall). It is a much larger place and it has worked out well for us so far.

As you can see, this is a very big undertaking. So the more volunteer students, staff and parents we get the easier and more successful it will be. It is open to all students (ninth- through 12th-grade) and parents.

If you would be interested in receiving more information, please contact Jennifer Olden  (Student Activities Director) via email ( or call Liverpool High School to leave a message.

Thank you and please join us!