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Elementary Visual Arts
    In the primary grades, Art increases children's awareness of their physical environment, extends and develops the use of the senses, and encourages inventive thinking.

Elementary programs provide sequential art content and unique learning experiences at each grade level. Students produce creative and imaginative work that reflects:
                           * Development of perceptual skills
                           * A variety of media, in multiple activities, over time
                           * Knowledge of art history
                           * Understanding of art as an expression of cultural experience
                           * Growing skills of evaluation.
Developing informed art appreciation by interacting with contemporary and historic artwork is a key aspect of early art education and can be a means for students to understand and value cultural diversity.*
Click here for information on the Developmental Stages of Art - Victor Lowenfield and Betty Edwards


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*(info adapted from:http://finearts.esc20.net/art/art_progdev/art_progdev_ele.html)

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