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LHS School Excellence Team

At each school in the district, a School Excellence Team (SET) will be created that consists of the building principal, teachers, and parents. The SET will be carefully selected to ensure that members are representative of their building, and able to focus on the purpose of school improvement at the building level.

Each SET will establish goals for school improvement. The team will collect data to make informed decisions, develop an Action Plan with sequential steps and responsibilities, monitor the efforts of the staff and involvement of students, and determine the progress of the students in the context of the goals. A Support Team of district administrators and colleagues from within and beyond the district will provide expertise, advice, and resources to assist each principal and School Excellence Team in attaining the goals of the school. At the conclusion of the school year, each School Excellence Team will determine whether the goals have been achieved, and to what extent efforts were successful. After this analysis has been completed, goals for the following year will be established.

Building Mission:

Empowering and supporting all students to reach their full potential.

Building Vision:

Liverpool High School will create a collaborative community with multiple pathways for the success of all students through a caring and challenging academic environment.  

2018-2019 LHS Goals:

  Liverpool Warriors Logo - FINAL RGB.jpg2018-2019 LHS Areas of Focus  

The following have been identified as areas of focus for the Liverpool high School faculty and staff for the 2018-2019 school year:

  1. Literacy - All departments will implement common literacy strategies and skills throughout the school year.  The common literacy skills implemented building-wide will be content-specific within each department.  All students will walk away with a common focus on skills, shared departmental vocabulary, common procedures and approaches.  

  1. Professional Learning Communities - Staff will participate in ongoing professional development opportunities focused specifically on Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).  In addition to our entire staff being trained, specific teachers and content area groups will receive PLC professional development to lead our building focus on PLCs.  Departments will continue to align curriculum, utilize eDoctrina, and create common assessments to collect necessary data for discussions focused on student achievement, student interventions, instructional approaches, and curriculum development.

  1. Future-Ready Skills - Students will be exposed to College and Career Readiness opportunities, Problem/Project Based Learning Activities, and Soft Skills approaches in all classrooms throughout the school year.  These activities will be imbedded within teacher lessons and activities, as well as during school-wide special events (College and Career Fair, Career Chats, Half Day Sessions, etc.).

  1. Rigor - Students will be provided with a more rigorous academic program.  Students will be fully scheduled and encouraged to take a well-rounded academic program.  In support of the LCSD Strategic Plan, there will be a continued focus on increasing student enrollment in courses ending in college credit opportunities.   

  1. Student Involvement - We will increase student involvement in clubs, activities, fine arts, and athletics.  

  1. Expectations/Accountability - We will continue to have high expectations for students and staff and will hold each other accountable throughout the school year.  

  Liverpool Warriors Logo - FINAL RGB.jpg LHS 2018-2019 Strategic Plan Goal Support

The LCSD Strategic Plan outlines the District goals that are to be accomplished by the year 2020.  While it is the intent of the LHS faculty and staff to support all aspects of the LCSD Strategic Plan, the following goals are primary areas of focus for LHS.  Each department and individual staff member will create a personalized action plan and goals to help LHS achieve the following Strategic Plan goals:

  • 15% increase in scores on ELA and Math Common Core Assessments

  • 100% of students will achieve Aspirational Level (ELA – 75%, Math  - 80%) as measured by High School Common Core assessments

  • 80% of students will receive college level credits for at least one course

  • 100% of seniors will demonstrate college and career-ready skills by participating in internships, job shadowing, or other relevant experiences

  • All buildings will fully implement and follow the District Communication Plan

  • 100% of students will demonstrate Future-Ready Learning Competencies through interdisciplinary projects

  • All buildings will become a Professional Learning Community

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